Monday, September 18, 2017

Troll-iffic Year!

Look at this A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E bulletin board
display we created to start out our school year! 

Resource ~ Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten Blog

CLICK RIGHT HERE for her Troll Craft!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Milk Cap Learning Fun!

My students LOVED playing this game during summer school
to review their sight words. 
All you need is CLEAN milk caps, Mod Podge, paint brush,
& a chip/coin. 
You can also purchase our mini unit too.  WINK! WINK!  
One student will hide the chip/coin while
the other students are closing their eyes.  NO PEEKING!
It was nice playing on the carpet because
you could not hear where they were hiding the chip/coin.
The students took turns guessing where the chip/coin was hiding
by saying the sight word and pointing to the milk cap. 
The student who hid the chip/coin would turn over the milk cap
to see if they found it.
Play continues until the chip/coin is found. 
They did not want to stop playing this game!
How cute are these pictures for beginning or ending sounds!?! 
We also have letters in our mini unit too!

CLICK HERE to use in your classroom!
HOPE that you had an AMAZING summer. 
THANKS BUNCHES for reading our blog!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Peep Day in Kindergarten!

WARNING....Lots of " Peepin' " fun pictures! 

The students made a "Peep House" for their Peeps to enjoy!

The students chose a "Peepkin" from the basket. 

The students opened their egg to find a blue, pink, or yellow Peep inside.     

The students placed the Peep in their homes.  All day long the students played, worked, and read with the Peeps! 

The students wrote about their Peep.  Day of adoption, name, color, birthrate, & parent's name. 

Peep Care ~ Eat carrots, drink water, play toilet tag 

Peep Care ~ Eat guacamole, drink Coco~Cola, play tag 

Peep Care ~ Eat strawberries, drink milk, play Hide-N-Seek

Found this fun idea at The Schroeder Page.
(Adapted it to fit my kindergarten kiddos!)
  CLICK HERE to check it out!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

By Golly... He Got Away Again!

What a fun week, filled with lots of excitement, as we prepared to Catch Leprechauns!  
The Kinders had a blast!  The teachers were worn out, but are still smiling!

At the beginning of March, a letter was sent home to parents that they had a project to work on as a family.  I use Ashley Reed's TpT unit.  The letter mentioned that they should work with their child to create a trap that would "catch a leprechaun" in the classroom.  The trap had to fit on a table spot!  Trust me - that is an important direction!  I had one trap that was king-size, 
made out of lots of wood, and heavy! wait!  All of a sudden, a couple of days before St. Patrick's Day magic begins to happen.  Once that first trap arrives in the classroom, it truly is like magic.  Every day, more and more traps arrive.  Why?  Because Kinders remember things like seeing a friend bring in a leprechaun trap, so they remind their parents that they NEED one, too.  It really is a beautiful thing!

On the day before St. Patrick's day, we begin making posters in small groups.  We talk about what pictures may attract a leprechaun or what words we could use to draw them in.  Next, they worked cooperatively in little groups to create posters to hang outside our classroom.  Let me tell you; it is SO fun to watch and listen in as they talk about what they are going to draw and write.  I even saw kids doing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to decide who could keep the leprechaun.  Then they decided on custody issues, too.  One would get him only on the weekends; the other during the week days.

The most FUN part of the day.....we set our traps on our table spots and started the tour.  Yep, we toured the room as each students explained in great detail how their trap was going to work to catch that little green man.  It was amazing to hear the vocabulary they used as they showcased their trap.  I'm pretty sure that meets CCSS!  With inservice on St. Patrick's Day this year, we "cheated" and set the traps a day early.  That worked out fine, since they will set them again tonight at their houses.

After school, we (a 2nd grade teacher helped because he loves to) messed with the traps, put green footprints around the room, and messed with a few other things in the classroom.

WELL, this morning I actually had to block my doorway with a pocket chart.  We have no doors, and they were dying to get in the room.  The kids were so cute.  One girl was sure there was something in her trap.  Another boy grabbed her trap and shook it,  she screamed, "Great, now you killed it!"  
I tried not to laugh, but our tech guy just couldn't hold it together as he watched 
the "leprechaun murder" unfold.  

Needless to say, everything ALL day long was the leprechaun's doings.  They were convinced he was watching us.  They saw every little hole that has been on the ceiling tiles this entire year and thought for it was made by the leprechaun.  It was just too funny!  

What we don't do in Kindergarten for our OWN enjoyment!

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